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From Imaginator Academy Director ~Theo Edmonds, Culture Futurist™~
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Emerging Leadership Opportunities in America’s Nonprofit Arts Sector

Where logical and creative thinking begins its grind to shape evolution in our consciousness. It’s where new things become visible, possible, and valuable. READ NOW 

2024-25 Culture Futurist™ Trends to Watch Report

Driven by NeuroDynamism™, our technology-forward culture will force the business sector to reimagine its innovation playbooks.  READ NOW 

Children of the Digital Dawn

How Gen Z May Finally Harmonize America’s Geographic & Cognitive Divides … plus an original Culture Futurist folkstory inspired by Dr. Seuss about the power of people who live authentically, choose love, and lean into the power of an artful life. READ NOW 

Unopened Life: A Call to Wonder

Exploring the Intersection of Arts, Science, and Entrepreneurship in Solving America’s “Grand Challenges”. READ NOW

Creativity New Deal: America’s Creative Economy Evolution

Creativity isn’t just the currency of the future economy; it’s the lifeblood of a society worth aspiring to. Artists have a leadership role to play, but we will have to claim it! READ NOW 

What’s a Culture Futurist™

Reflecting on my many innovator roles across the last three decades of strategic leadership experience spanning private, public, and nonprofit sectors, I now realize that I was defining the role of Culture Futurist™.  READ NOW

Beyond the Limitations of Light

A poetic reflection on where I found hope in Washington, DC, while participating in today’s landmark arts and culture summit, co-hosted by National Endowment for the Arts and The White House.  READ NOW

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