Future of Creativity

Launching 2024 – join us in a collective act of courageous imagination to build a national creativity infrastructure for America.

More Info Coming Spring 2024 

Creative Brain

Creativity America is not just a project; it’s a movement to build the human side of America’s creativity infrastructure, preparing for a technology-forward future of work. This initiative promises to reshape the landscape of American innovation, making creativity and social wellbeing pivotal to both organizational success and societal advancement.

Creativity America ambitiously aims to boost America’s creativity skills by 25% within the next decade, marrying artistic vision, entrepreneurial action, and scientific research. This innovative program is designed to transform organizational culture and strategy, focusing on enhancing the human experience of innovation. It employs predictive analytics and experiential skill development to foster wonder, well-being, and transformational creativity at the group level.

At the core of Creativity America lies a unique approach:

Group-Level Creativity Focus: Enhancing collective creativity for organizational innovation.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Integrating arts, science, and business for all-encompassing creativity development.

Neuroscience and I/O Behavioral Psychology Application: Reimagining innovation and entrepreneurial processes in teams.

Wonder Index: A novel tool for measuring and improving creativity and social wellbeing in teams, groups and companies.

Wondervation Pilots (Artist Residencies): Real-world applications in companies and cities, utilizing data-driven interventions to create artist residency programs designed to improve innovation return on investment in the host organization, and be able to prove it with quantitative data.

Alignment with Future Work Priority Skills: Addressing emerging workforce cognitive, psychological, and social brain skills that are becoming “must haves” for success in the emergent brain economy.

Storytelling and Media-Based Communication: Amplifying engagement and understanding while building a set of scaleable assets and audiences that can be deployed as a mid-range outcome of introducing interventions virtually at an industry sector and geographic region scale scale.

National and Global Impact: Aiming for widespread influence in creativity and innovation.

Public-Private Partnership Model: Merging public sector goals with private sector dynamism.