What is Brain Capital?
By Theo Edmonds
September 2, 2023

Brain Capital Alliance

The world is increasingly relying on Brain Capital, where a premium is put on brain skills and brain health (an individual’s social, emotional, and cognitive resources). The most impactful solutions to build Brain Capital at scale do not lie at the level of the individual or health services, but in public policy. 

The Brain Capital Grand Strategy, published in 2021, articulates the need for a Brain Capital Dashboard, Brain Capital In-All-Policies, and a Brain Capital Investment Plan. The Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) also launched the Neuroscience-inspired Policy Initiative to promote and refine the concept of brain capital. Following the success of that initiative, the Brain Capital Alliance has now been formed as its multi-organizational extension.

By Theo Edmonds
Culture Futurist™ | Creativity Strategist | Conceptual Artist | #WorkplaceWellbeing Researcher | Entrepreneur